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Welcome to the Alta CPA Group Nonprofit blog, the blog and newsroom for our firm which focuses on providing great advice and compliance support for our clients. We want to help you and your organization build a strong, effective, and useful financial operation while minimizing your risk.

We’re a local firm with a professional team with years of experience helping organizations like yours with audits, accounting, and regulatory needs.


Accounting can be fascinating.

Accounting is boring and confusing when it’s dropping numbers into a system and when the reports you get don’t help you actually run your organization.  When it’s a tool that lets you make smarter, faster, better decisions for your operations, it gets interesting fast.

In this blog, the Alta CPA Group team will share:

  • Best practices for your operations
  • Success stories from our clients and case studies on improving nonprofit operations
  • Guidance on new accounting and financial regulations
  • Practical implementation advice for complex topics
  • Common pitfalls for smaller organizations and how to avoid them.
  • Important new laws and regulations which can impact how you do business.

We’ll also help you get to know our team a little better.  What we publish in these blog posts represents our views.


Let’s start the conversation.

Got questions you want to get our take on? Information you’d like to share with our audience?  Feel free to send your questions through our contact page or email me / comment below.

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