Alta’s team has collectively worked with labor unions as auditors, outsourced controllers, tax advisors, and occasionally fraud examiners for more than fifty years. We take pride in our long standing support of this valuable part of the nonprofit industry.

Audits – Our audit team has worked extensively with labor unions at all levels, from the local through to the international organizations. We bring our audit clients more than just an auditor’s report – we bring you recommendations to improve your internal controls and proactively adapt to reporting and regulatory changes in the overall industry. We perform financial statement audits, forensic audits, agency fee (dues objector) audits, and other special purpose audits as needed.

Tax and Regulatory Reporting – Your Form 990 and your Department of Labor filings are public documents in which a lack of understanding of reporting requirements can lead to regulatory audits, unwanted media attention, and an angry membership. Partner with us to transform your filings into a tool which will help you present your organization in the best possible light to stakeholders while meeting your stringent compliance requirements.

Outsourced Accounting and CFO Services – Our outsourced accounting team can help get your accounting done right and on time. By either overseeing your staff, providing support for an experienced CFO, or providing a fully outsourced solution: we can transform your accounting function from an obligatory expense to a valued partner to help you make more timely and clear decisions.

Consulting and Support – The depth of our expertise with labor unions means we are well-positioned to help our clients with most financial and accounting issues. Recent projects have included:

• Internal control and efficiency analysis of accounting departments
• Software evaluation and implementation of automated solutions for cost reductions
• Resolution of audit findings and development of systems to promote compliance
• Sustainability analysis and planning
• Cash flow analysis and projections
• Forensic analysis of asset misappropriation and fraud
• Training and guidance for new systems implementation and adoption

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