Our small business clients know that a tax return, financial statement review or audit is just the beginning of our support. Our small business team meets with clients throughout the year to better understand their finances and help give them information needed to make effective business decisions.

Audits and Reviews – Our clients who need audited or reviewed financial statements are usually motivated by compliance requirements. We help meet and exceed these requirements, by providing recommendations for internal controls, more efficient automated solutions, and greater efficiencies in processes to help your finance function better support your business’ needs.

Outsourced Accounting – Our small business outsourcing team offers you experienced professionals driven to provide you with fast, efficient accounting services, and deep insights into how to use your financial reports to drive decisions. We analyze your operating results and help you find areas where you can reduce costs. We help you make sure your services are priced right and that you have healthy profit margins built into your sales. We help you make critical business decisions, like buy vs. sell analyses, to make sure you’re successful not just today but in the future.

Tax Preparation – The tax system is complex, and you need a knowledgeable, experienced tax professional to guide you through your compliance and reporting requirements in a way that helps you keep more of your profits and protects you from expensive compliance risks. Whether your company is large or small, our team can help you get to the right answer. We support businesses in a wide range of industries, from professional services to manufacturing, to construction, to technology, to the retail and service industry, and biotech startups. We have the expertise to handle both multi-state returns and international reporting requirements. More importantly, we can help you understand the tax consequences of your business decisions throughout the year so they are structured to maximize profits, while still complying with the tax code.

Consulting – Nothing is more exciting to our small business team than finding new ways to help your business’ finances run more smoothly. Depending on the size of your company, your industry, and the team you already have in place, this can take a variety of forms:

• Internal control and accounting process consulting for greater efficiencies
• Financial projections – for you or for the bank – that help you plan for the future
• Benchmarking against other companies in your industry and recommendations to improve your financial performance; like improving collections, better cash management, and payroll analysis
• Developing new cost accounting systems to provide more accurate information on the true cost of the goods and services you sell

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